How to Fuck A Girl in Your Social Circle

How to fuck a girl you know

People always ask me what the difference is between picking up girls in college and picking up girls in “the real world”, it’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many mini idiosyncrasies that affect shit in college that just don’t matter in other places, the reverse is also true but one of the biggest factors that makes a successful bitch ripping man whore in college is knowing how to work a social circle. Read this book to learn how to fuck a girl at parties, I literally walk you through it step by step. Click the image below and buy it, it costs less than a dvd and WILL get you laid!

It’s one thing knowing how to fuck girls in your social circle (which I’m going to tell you how to do in this article) but try fucking several of them and staying in the good books of that social circle, fucking difficult to say the least. (It is actually pretty easy to know how to fuck a girl) So before I tell you how to do it, you need to pay attention to this first tip, DO NOT KISS AND TELL. As soon as you fuck a girl in your social circle, every other girl will need to know what happened, they WILL ask you about it the next time they see you. The thing I do in this situation is just dismiss it, say shit like “I don’t talk about that type of stuff” (now we all know this is a massive lie as I write every grimy detail on this site), it does soooo fucking much for your future success in your social circle. It makes the other girls intrigued and gives you that mumbo jumbo mystical mystery man quality (which is fucking gold in college).

The other thing it does is gives you the trustworthy, reliable, can keep a secret vibe (meaning girls can fuck you and you won’t make them feel like a slut in front of her mates). If you get these 2 things right, you can literally give a bit of cock sandwich to every girl in your social circle without effecting your friendships. Every girl will know what happened whether you tell anybody or not, because girls talk yo. The more stuff you do and don’t talk about works in your favour. But how do you actually get a girl from your social circle to shiz on your niz? Follow these 3 tips and your smokin’ hot bff will be bouncing on the T.I.P of your dick before you know it.

1.Be the flirty guy

The best way to sleep with chicks you know is to always leave that lingering doubt in their mind, you need to make every single girl in your social circle wonder if you are into them or not, it’s not difficult to do, you just have to flirt with EVERY GIRL. I guarantee that every single girl I hang out with, whether they are hot or not, wonders if I’m into them. You can be as close as you like, you can have little heart to hearts and be real friends with them. But add the flirt factor and you can create this aura around yourself that works like a fucking charm. Be a sexual threat at all times and you will always have a chance with every girl in your little group.

2. Be the source of fun

You also want to be the guy that everybody knows is fun to be around. Again it’s not a difficult thing to achieve, just make sure you’re the guy who suggests fun shit to do, even if you’re all just sat around chillin, suggest a game of strip Mario Kart or some shit. Whether or not they take up every one of your ideas, just make sure you’re the guy who suggests them. The idea here is that whenever someone is bored or looking for something to do, you pop into their heads. This has led to so many times where there has been a girl who got lonely or bored one night and I have been the guy they call. Once they call you, all you have to do is turn up with some booze and condoms and let nature take its course. Nature in college is girl + boy + alcohol = shexy time.

3. Be nice

As cool as it is to be the sexual threat all the time, you do actually wanna be mates with girls too, remember that girls know other girls, and generally at least 50% of them fall into the 1 column (on my binary scale, 0 – Don’t wanna fuck them, 1 – I do wanna fuck them) so being mates with girls can have additional benefits of the sausage pocket variety. So you don’t always wanna be the asshole guy who girls are semi-attracted to, it’s okay to be the nice guy who is genuinely interested in people, listen to what they have to say and actually be their friend. Some of the hottest girls I have ever slept with have been through meeting them through my mates.

There you have it kids, article 2 DONE! By the way, Posh Spice, still fucking hot!!!!

tao How to Fuck A Girl in Your Social Circle

Boom now you know how to fuck a girl

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  1. johnsmith February 13, 2014 / 12:51 pm

    I like your binary scale, it makes a lot more sense than much more complicated theories.

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