How to Fuck A Girl in Your Social Circle

How to fuck a girl you know

People always ask me what the difference is between picking up girls in college and picking up girls in “the real world”, it’s a difficult question to answer because there are so many mini idiosyncrasies that affect shit in college that just don’t matter in other places, the reverse is also true but one of the biggest factors that makes a successful bitch ripping man whore in college is knowing how to work a social circle. Read this book to learn how to fuck a girl at parties, I literally walk you through it step by step. Click the image below and buy it, it costs less than a dvd and WILL get you laid!

There is No LMR

That’s right.

One of the few things that in the game that I can legitimately say I have never experienced.

It’s something that just doesn’t make sense… the girl is with you all night, she’s into you, you get to some kind of bed, whether it be a pillowtop or a pile of leaves….and then…

Take Over Control

Yeah…. it’s party time.

As I have been in absentia for a bit, for those of you who are currently unfamiliar with who I am or what my game consists of…. I have the moniker of Powerhouse partly because of the infinite potential associated with the idea.